ARM 3.0 SDK Introduction and Documentation

The ARM Working Group has completed the definition of the next generation ARM API, called ARM 3.0. ARM 3.0 is functionally equivalent to ARM 2.0 (released in December 1997). It contains the following :

·         Native Java bindings are provided. Java programs using ARM 2.0 used the Java Native Interface (JNI) to call the ARM 2.0 C language bindings. Java programs using ARM 3.0 can use the native bindings.

The ARM 3.0 formal specification and SDK are still in development. In the interim there are three sources of information available.

·         A paper presented at CMG 2000  in Orlando describes ARM 3.0. It is also available here using this link:

Measuring the performance of ARM 3.0 for Java™ (in PDF format))

Accompanying CMG slide set (in PDF format)

·         The ARM 3.0 Java SDK is now available.  It contains a MS Word doc description of the SDK, Javadoc for the three packages, Java Source for the three packages, and Java source for some samples that use the interfaces.  

    The SDK can be downloaded using this link: ARM 3.0 for Java Interface Description.  (Updated March 2001)

We encourage you to review the documents and try out the Java interface. Your feedback will help us insure that ARM 3.0 meets the requirements of its users. Please provide your feedback to and

Questions or other discussion about the ARM Working Group can be sent to or to Ron Carelli, the working group chair, at